Please note: the Memorial's small exhibiton space will be closed to the public from 1 August 2016 for Anzac Memorial Centenary Project construction works. However, the Hall of Memory will remain open during this phase. 

Access to the Memorial's Hall of Memory during construction is via stairs located on the northern side of the building near the Pool of Reflection. 

Lift access to the Hall of Memory is available, however visitors will require staff assistance. Please contact us to organise your visit.

If you have any accessibility requirements please contact us, we are happy to develop customised tours.


On this day
23 February

1942 — Australian troops fought valiantly after the Japanese invasion of Timor but were overwhelmed and the main force of  Australians surrendered. Those who remained continued to wage a guerrilla war for the next year

1956 — 1 Squadron RAAF bombed communist camps near Kuala Lumpur during the Malayan Emergency

1967 — MAJ P. BADCOE led an attack against Viet Cong forces in Vietnam. It was the first of three acts of bravery for which he was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross. He was also awarded a US Silver Star and a South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry

2000 — International Force for East Timor (INTERFET), commanded by LT GEN Cosgrove, officially handed military command of East Timor to the UNTAET