An enduring legacy

The Anzac Memorial Centenary Project will deliver an enduring legacy as part of NSW's Centenary of Anzac commemorations. The Anzac Memorial Trustees are calling on the community to support this project as they did in the 1930s.

Bruce Dellit's original plans will finally be brought to life with a major $40 million design project by Johnson Pilton Walker and the NSW Government Architect. These plans will incorporate important new interactive/educative facilities and a water cascade to bring to life the significant contribution made by our servicemen and women, in a way that engages with current and future generations.

It is a significant project and requires considerable investment.

Support us and be part of this once in a generation tribute

Your donation will help fund:

  • innovative education opportunities through curriculum connections, accessible objects and diverse and engaging content
  • the Memorial’s role in protecting caring for and displaying the Memorial’s collection
  • links to the community through volunteer programs, internships, education and outreach programs.

Involvement with the Memorial can take many forms. We also welcome enquiries from the corporate sector wishing to explore tailored partnering opportunities.

Depending on your level of support benefits may include:


Contact: Rosie Patrielli, Centenary of Anzac Program Management Office, Department of Premier and Cabinet

Telephone (02) 9513 2080 Email



On this day
23 February

1942 — Australian troops fought valiantly after the Japanese invasion of Timor but were overwhelmed and the main force of  Australians surrendered. Those who remained continued to wage a guerrilla war for the next year

1956 — 1 Squadron RAAF bombed communist camps near Kuala Lumpur during the Malayan Emergency

1967 — MAJ P. BADCOE led an attack against Viet Cong forces in Vietnam. It was the first of three acts of bravery for which he was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross. He was also awarded a US Silver Star and a South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry

2000 — International Force for East Timor (INTERFET), commanded by LT GEN Cosgrove, officially handed military command of East Timor to the UNTAET