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An important part of the Memorial's mission is to foster relevant learning experiences for students that develop an understanding of Australian service and sacrifice in war and peacekeeping. The Anzac Memorial is an ideal educational setting for students to undertake programs that encourage remembrance of our veterans, their service to Australia and their legacy - the Anzac spirit.

We can accommodate up to 60 students per session for pre booked tours. For larger groups please contact us and we can assist with excursion planning. Bookings are essential for all school groups visiting the Memorial. Our guided tours are a free service, however donations are welcome.

Please note: the Memorial's small exhibiton space will be closed to the public from 1 August 2016 for Anzac Memorial Centenary Project construction works. However, the Hall of Memory will remain open during this phase. 

We request that all cancellations are made at least 2 working days prior to the planned visit.


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The Anzac Memorial has wheelchair accessibility to the ground floor and there is lift access to the Hall of Memory on the first floor.

Before You Arrive
For background information on the Anzac Memorial please view our website. You can also access educational resources following the links below and current information on exhibitions and special events.

How to get to the Memorial
The Anzac Memorial is located in Hyde Park South, Sydney. The closest cross streets are Elizabeth St and Liverpool St.
For public transport we recommend visiting
Train - A short walk from Museum Station.
Bus - Bus services do stop on Elizabeth St and Liverpool St. Please note there is no parking for school or chartered buses on site.
Car - Limited public parking is available around the Hyde Park perimeter. There are a number of nearby car parks. Visit for more information. Visitors are advised to strongly consider public transport.
Walk - The Memorial can be reached by a pleasant walk through Sydney's scenic Hyde Park and is on the outskirts of the CBD district.

Please ensure that your group arrives a minimum of 5 minutes before the scheduled start of your tour. If you arrive at the Memorial more than 15 minutes late, we cannot guarantee your reserved tour. In the event of inclement weather or other unexpected delays, please call enroute to advise the Visitors Service Desk on 8262 2900.
Upon arrival to the Anzac Memorial  the teacher in charge of the excursion should enter the Memorial in the exhibition area and sign in at the Reception Desk. Students and other staff/adults are requested to wait outside the main entry. Memorial staff will then assist the teacher in charge to organise student entry.

The Anzac Memorial is a place of commemoration and remembrance of the service and sacrifice of Australian men and women in war and peacekeeping activities since 1914. Students should be respectful at all times. Classroom teachers are responsible for the behaviour and engagement of their students at all times.

Please emphasise the following to your students:

  • If you are at the Memorial at 11am during the ceremony of remembrance, you must be both silent and still. This is a sign of respect and allows all visitors to reflect on the importance of service and sacrifice.
  • Take hats off inside the Memorial.
  • Leave all food and drink in your bag.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched off or placed on silent.

Adult Supervision
Teachers and parent helpers are welcome and have an important role to play. We rely on your support to keep the group together during the tour and to solve any discipline problems that may arise.

What to wear
Students should follow the dress code for their school. If out of uniform, teachers are asked to ensure that students wear appropriate clothing. As the students will be on tour inside and outside the Memorial building, appropriate clothing and protection are required. Comfortable footwear, sunhats, sunscreen and waterproof jackets should be considered.

What to bring  
The Anzac Memorial has limited storage space available. We request that students where possible leave their bags on buses or bring excursion bags.
Medication however, may be carried.

Where can we eat our lunch?
The Anzac Memorial is designated by law as a sacred and commemorative site. Within this area the regulations are strictly enforced. This means there is no area available for eating within the Memorial. However, Hyde Park offers many shaded grassed areas which can be used for picnic lunches. There are no inclement weather options for lunch within Hyde Park South.

Please be aware that the Anzac Memorial does not have public toilet facilities. We recommend you visit

Risk Assessment
Please click here to read Risk Assessment Form (pdf attachment)

Museums & Education

· Australian War Memorial

· Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

· Register of War Memorials in NSW

· Museum of Currency Notes

· Australian Museum

· Hyde Park Barracks

· State Library NSW

· Sydney Jewish Museum

· Parliament of NSW

· National Archives of Australia


Veteran’s Organisations

· Returned Services League of Australia (NSW Branch) 

· Centenary of Anzac  

· Department of Veterans Affairs Education Resources


There are three simple methods to make a donation:

1. by Donation Box at the Memorial, or 

2. by sending a cheque made out to the The Anzac Memorial Building : Locked Bag 53 Darlinghurst NSW 1300.

3. by using the online donation form at this link

ABN number  26 397 403 816


Information to Note:
The Anzac Memorial Staff have undergone appropriate 'Working With Children Checks'. 

On this day
20 February

1942 — Battle of KOEPANG. Japanese troops landed in Timor and met spirited resistance from the Australian troops. Faced with overwhelming odds, most of the Australians surrendered, while others joined forces with the 2/2nd Independent Company and waged a long and gruelling guerrilla campaign, with assistance of friendly Timorese, against the Japanese. The initial attack on Timor cost 84 Australian lives