Teacher professional learning

Our continuing professional development is tailored to teachers’ needs; incorporates high quality content and takes strength from partnership opportunities that combine both forces and resources to inspire and invigorate teaching practices.

Deconstructing Memory: Joint Anzac Memorial/Sydney Jewish Museum Teacher Training

October 15, 2018


We will be offering a NESA approved teacher training day in partnership with the Sydney Jewish Musuem focussed on the construction of history and memorialisation. The day will offer an opportunity to explore the complex relationship between history and memory and discover how these ideas are inscribed in our museum buildings. Through a series of interactive sessions with museum educators and historians, teachers will gain practical ideas for teaching about the construction of history.

To register your interest, please contact education@anzacmemorial.nsw.gov.au, or telephone 02 8262 2904


The Anzac Memorial and the University of Sydney School of Education and Social Work and Beyond1914.sydney.edu.au present

History beyond the Classroom - process drama in practice

November 2018 at the Anzac Memorial

This workshop for teachers will explore the story of John Auguste Emile (Jack) Harris featured in the Anzac Memorial’s Collection. Using the pedagogical approach known as ‘process drama’ (Heathcote & Bolton, 1995), this 90 minute activity includes a dramatic interactive experience based on the experience of Jack Harris at Lone Pine, followed by a panel discussion to critique its use in the history classroom. The activity will analyse how drama and creative practices not only bring history ‘alive’ but stimulates historical thinking about people and events in ways that enable participants to critique and expand their historical knowledge.This activity explores a multi-disciplinary approach that assists students to engage with history both creatively and in a well-informed way, and helps them build confidence in thinking critically about history.

To register your interest, please contact education@anzacmemorial.nsw.gov.au, or telephone 02 8262 2904

Representations of Anzac

Term 4, 2019

This study day is designed for both teachers and Year 12 students and analyses the historical debate around the concept of Anzac. We trace the origins of the ‘spirit of Anzac’ from colonial times and the Gallipoli landing through to the 21st century. We look at how the Anzac legend grew to mythical proportions to capture the imagination of a nation. Featuring guest speakers and leading historians, we also examine how the term Anzac has been used (and abused) for political, commercial and cultural gain.

To register your interest, please contact education@anzacmemorial.nsw.gov.au, or telephone 02 8262 2904

On this day

On this day
19 October

1915— HMAShips PARRAMATTA, WARREGO, YARRA, and UNA on patrol in the Malay Archipelago, MALAYSIA

1916— HMAS MELBOURNE, in company with other warships, took part in a sweep of the NORTH SEA off the coast of Norway

1919— The Australian Naval Board approved the inclusion of “Advance Australia Fair” in the repertoire of RAN bands