The Vestibule and the Hall of Silence

The vestibule, on the western side of the Anzac Memorial at ground level, serves as the main entrance to the lower level. It has traditionally been the entrance to the 'working' portion of the Anzac Memorial. Turning right or left from the vestibule traditionally directed the visitor into the offices used by the various veterans and support groups. Today turning right from the vestibule will lead the visitor into an exhibition space intended to offer an insight into the impact of war on the people of New South Wales.

The vestibule is lined with ulum white marble. In the centre of the ceiling is a large brass star shaped light designed by the building’s architect Bruce Dellit.

The vestibule leads into the Hall of Silence, at the centre of which stands Rayner Hoff’s statue ‘Sacrifice’. To view Sacrifice from the vestibule the visitor must stand before the words ‘LET SILENT CONTEMPLATION BE YOUR OFFERING’ inlaid in brass into black granite. These words articulate the essence of Dellit’s design for the Anzac Memorial as a place for the people of New South Wales to mourn and reflect.    

On this day
21 September

1916 — HMAS Melbourne joined the Second Light Cruiser Squadron for operations in the NORTH SEA. The Squadron was based at ROSYTH, Scotland

1918 — Australian Flying Corps airmen attacked Turkish troops at WADI FARA, Palestine

1971 — Battle of Nui Le, South Vietnam. Soldiers of B and D Company 4RAR/NZ fought an Intense battle in which 5 Australians were killed and 24 wounded. This was the last battle fought by Australians in South Vietnam