Lance Corporal Jack Harris Memorial Plaque

Historical note: 

The British government distributed Memorial Plaques (commonly referred to as ‘dead man’s pennies’) and Memorial Scrolls to the bereaved families. Harris’ parents never unwrapped his Plaque.

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Jack Harris
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Jack Auguste Emile Harris - He died for freedom and honour

On this day

On this day
24 May

1915 — A six hour cease-fire was arranged at GALLIPOLI to enable both sides to recover their dead and wounded

1966 — PTE E. NOACK was killed in Vietnam and became the first National Serviceman to die in the Vietnam War

1968 — Fire Support Base (FSB) BALMORAL was attacked by two battalions of North Vietnamese troops. 3 RAR troops, assisted by Centurion tanks, fought off the attack

1969 — WO Class 2 K. PAYNE, a veteran of Korean and Malayan campaigns, won a Victoria Cross for his courage in covering the withdrawal of troops and then returning to locate and recover casualties, while part of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam