SMS Emden Shell Case Umbrella Stand

Historical note: 

This case from a 10.5cm desk gun shell was carved with Chinese dragon motifs and turned into an umbrella or cane stand. It was souvenired from the wreck of the Emden by a sailor aboard HMAS Sydney and engraved with a shield bearing the date of action.

Souvenirs and ephemera
Royal Australian Navy
First World War
The Defeat of SMS Emden

On this day

On this day
16 February

1942— BANKA ISLAND MASSACRE. Following the sinking of the SS Vyner Brook, many of the survivors, including 22 Australian nurses, reached the shore of Banka Island. Realising that their position was desperate, an officer from the ship set out with most of the women and children to surrender the group to the Japanese. The officer returned with 20 Japanese soldiers who ordered all the men capable of walking to move to hidden part of the beach and killed them. They then returned to the beach and ordered the 22 nurses and 1 British civilian woman to walk into the water. They were machine-gunned in the back. All the immobile survivors were then killed. Sister Vivian Bullwinkle pretended to be dead and was the only survivor