ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park

A physical expression of the spirit and legend of ANZAC—dedicated to remembering all Australians who have served their country in the armed forces in wartime or on peacekeeping.


100 Years of ANZAC

Commemorating the Centenary of the First World War—sustaining remembrance of past sacrifices into the future.

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On this day
7 October

1942 — ML 813, the first of 35 FAIRMILE type Motor Launches to be built in Australia, was launched in Sydney. These launches were the smallest of the RAN’s sea-going vessels and were used in a variety of roles. They were numbered, never named

1951 — Battle of MARYANG SAN continued as 3RAR troops drove towards THE HINGE on Hill 317— the final obstacle to throwing the Chinese from the Hill. The Australians fought off strong counter-attacks