The Pool of Reflection

The Pool of Reflection is a peaceful space where passersby may pause for a moment of quiet contemplation. A row of poplar trees were planted along the eastern and western sides of the pool, 28 trees in all. They are maintained to give the pool a European feel. For many veterans the still waters of the Pool of Reflection flanked by poplars evoked memories of the Somme River and its accompanying canals in France. The AIF fought some of its bloodiest battles in the Somme Valley in 1916, 1917 and 1918.

Funding for the construction of the Anzac Memorial was adversley affected by the Great Depression in the early 1930s. The building was completed through public subscription and the Pool of Reflection finished with the assistance of Unemployment Relief Funds. A second water feature had been designed by the architect, a cascading water feature on the southern side of the Anzac Memorial. The project ran out of money before the entire precinct could become a reality. The cascade was not built.

On this day
21 July

1942 — Japanese forces landed at GONA, New Guinea, with the intention of capturing Port Moresby by an overland route. This was the beginning of the campaign on the KOKODA TRACK

1942 — Coastwatcher SBLT C. L. PAGE, RANVR, was escorted by the Japanese to Nemboe Island, in the Solomon Islands, where he was executed

1969 — A USN Unit Commendation was awarded to HMAS PERTH for “exceptionally meritorious service” in Vietnam