The Well of Contemplation

The Well of Contemplation is a large circular opening in the Hall of Memory. 'Gracing the Well of Contemplation, through which the "Sacrifice" is viewed with bowed head from the Hall of Memory, is a beautiful balustrade carved from solid marble taken from quarries near Bathurst. This balustrade, of most original character, suggests by its wreath like form thoughts in keeping with that group of sacrifice and tragedy which it encircles' from The Book of the Anzac Memorial (1934)

The balustrade was designed by the architect Bruce Dellit.

On this day
24 April

1918 — Second Battle of VILLERS-BRETONNEUX began. Australian and British troops fought to regain the town that had been captured just three weeks earlier. There were 1469 Australian casualties, many due to mustard gas

1918 — LT C. SADLIER won a Victoria Cross for his inspirational gallantry during the battle at Villers-Bretonneux