The Hall of Silence
Let silent contemplation be your offering

The Hall of Silence, located in the centre of the building, is striking in its starkness, and has a powerful effect on visitors.

The room is circular and George Rayner Hoff's sculpture Sacrifice stands in its centre. The floor is white Ulam marble. There is a bronze flame that flares out from the sculpture designed to symbolise the eternal flames of Sacrifice. The ceiling curves up toward the carved marble balustrade that defines the Well of Contemplation, a large circular opening in the floor above. This opening provides only natural light for the Hall of Silence and has the effect of focusing that light onto the central sculpture. The cornice is a marble frieze in which are carved the names of the great battles fought by Australian forces during the war. According to architect Charles Bruce Dellit, the names “complete the message which the sculpture symbolising Sacrifice is intended to deliver”

On this day

On this day
13 August

1921 — “Royal” prefix added to Australian Air Force title

1940 — Ten people, including three members of the Australian Cabinet, Chief of General Staff Sir C. White, and other Senior Officers, are killed in aircraft crash near Canberra, later known as the Canberra Air Disaster. The Air Base, RAAF Base Fairbairn, is named after James Valentine Fairbairn, Minister for Air and Civil Aviation, one of those Caninet Ministers killed in the crash

1941 — Government approves formation of Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS)