The Military Service of George Rayner Hoff
With the outbreak of the war, Britain, like the rest of Europe and much of the Western world, became intoxicated with war fever and patriotism. Young men rushed to enlist. The British Government wished to expand its army and create military expeditionary forces that it could send to fight against the Central Powers of Germany and the Hapsburg Empire of Austria.

On this day

On this day
30 January

1942 — Japanese troops attacked AMBON, Netherlands East Indies, (Indonesia). Australian troops of “Gull Force” and about 2,600 NEI soldiers tried to defend the island but were defeated

1951 — Women’s Royal Australian Air Force formed

1968 — The TET OFFENSIVE began in Vietnam. A series of co-ordinated attacks by communist forces were defeated but the Offensive proved to be a propaganda  victory for the communists, accelerating the American public’s growing opposition to the war. Australian troops of 2nd, 3rd, and 7th Battalions, Royal Australian Regiment were involved in the Offensive