Egypt and Palestine

In 1915, Ottoman forces invaded the British protectorate of Egypt threatening the Suez Canal which was vital to the British Empire’s war effort in the First World War. Fighting continued around Suez and Sinai (north eastern Egypt) until British forces went on the offensive in mid-1916 clearing Sinai and launching a counter invasion into Ottoman controlled Palestine in 1917. The major campaigns, battles or areas of operation listed on this niche of remembrance are:


This listing refers to the Battle of Romani, fought between 3 and 5 August 1916 on the Sinai Peninsula about 35 km east of the Suez Canal.  Read more...

Gaza and Beersheba

This listing refers to operations carried out by Australian mounted units during the Third Battle of Gaza during the Sinai - Palestine Campaign in 1917.   Read more...

Jordan Valley

This listing refers to the operations conducted to seize the Jordan Valley in Palestine between February and May 1918.  Read more...


This listing refers to the battle of Megiddo in Palestine between 19 and 25 September 1918.  Read more...


This listing commemorates the capture of the Syrian city of Damascus on 1 October 1918.  Read more...

On this day

On this day
9 July

1940 — HMA Ships SYDNEY, STUART, VOYAGER, and VAMPIRE, together with ships of the Royal Navy, engaged the Italian Navy in the Battle of CALABRIA

1942 — 2/24th Battalion captured a German radio interception and intelligence unit, effectively blinding Rommel in North Africa

1943 — 3 and 450 Squadron, RAAF, and eight Australian warships, were part of a force of some 180,000 troops and 2,590 ships involved in the invasion of SICILY