Major General Arthur 'Tubby' Allen, 1894-1959



A photographic exhibition commemorating the military career of Major General Arthur ‘Tubby’ Allen.


Auditorium, Lower Floor

23 November 2022 — 31 March 2023

Major General Arthur 'Tubby' Allen, 1894-1959

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On this day
30 January

1942 — Japanese troops attacked AMBON, Netherlands East Indies, (Indonesia). Australian troops of “Gull Force” and about 2,600 NEI soldiers tried to defend the island but were defeated

1951 — Women’s Royal Australian Air Force formed

1968 — The TET OFFENSIVE began in Vietnam. A series of co-ordinated attacks by communist forces were defeated but the Offensive proved to be a propaganda  victory for the communists, accelerating the American public’s growing opposition to the war. Australian troops of 2nd, 3rd, and 7th Battalions, Royal Australian Regiment were involved in the Offensive