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Venue: We will require an indoor venue with access to electricity. A projector and screen are preferable but not essential. Our programs work best in a school hall or gym and can be adapted for a double classroom or library space.

'Presenter requirements: Our team of presenters will arrive at the school 1 hour prior to the delivery of the program. Working with Children information for all staff will be sent to the school prior to our visit. We bring all our own equipment and present our workshops on the floor with the students, a stage space is not required.

COVID-safe Procedures: The Anzac Memorial has reviewed its guidelines and safety information for incursions and a copy of this document will be sent to your school prior to our visit.

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On this day
26 September

1914 — A landing party from HMAS SYDNEY destroyed the German wireless station at ANGAUR, Palau Islands, South Pacific Ocean

1917 — Battle of POLYGON WOOD. This was part of the 3rd Battle of YPRES, Belgium. The Australians suffered 5,770 casualties. PTE P. BUGDEN and SGT J. DWYER won VCs during this action

1943 — OPERATION JAYWICK troops operating from MV KRAIT entered Singapore Harbour by kayak and attached mines to Japanese shipping before escaping undetected to rendezvous with KRAIT. The raid sank or damaged about 37,000 tons of shipping