The Interior Bas Reliefs


On the marble walls of the interior are bas relief panels depicting personnel from the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Army Medical Corps. Note that these are the descriptions of the subject matter of the bas reliefs as described in The Book of the Anzac Memorial (1934). Although Australia sent aviators to the Great War most served in the Australian Flying Corps, a branch of the Australian Imperial Force while others served in the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service, part of the British Army and Navy. Australia did not have an independent Air Force as a branch service until 1921.

These panels depict men and a woman in uniform resting or mourning fallen comrades. Behind them march the souls of the departed, known as the March of the Dead.

On this day

On this day
7 March

1900 — Troops from the NSW Mounted Rifles and Queensland Mounted Infantry were involved in the Battle of POPLAR GROVE during the BOER WAR. Many of the Boers who were dispirited after earlier defeats panicked and abandoned their positions

1951 — Battle of MAEHWE-SAN, Korea, begins. This battle was for control of the hills and area around Maehwe-san and ultimately cost the lives of 12 Australians from 3 RAR

1965 — 3 RAR relieved a Ghurkha unit in Sarawak during the Indonesian Confrontation. 3 RAR stayed in the area for four months and lost three soldiers killed by land-mines laid by the Indonesians