Anzac Memorial Centenary Project media kit

20 October 2018

The Anzac Memorial Centenary Project is the enduring legacy of NSW's Centenary of Anzac commemorations and realises the vision of the original architect, Bruce Dellit, to build a water cascade to the south and also introduces new civic and community spaces.

The Centenary Extension enables the Memorial to tell the story of New South Wales’s involvement in all wars and peacekeeping missions, and acknowledges the ongoing service and sacrifice by our servicemen and servicewomen, and their families.


Media backgrounders

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An overview - Anzac Memorial Centenary Extension commemorates NSW’s military legacy for the Centenary of Armistice

Background - Anzac Memorial key points

History of the Anzac Memorial

Fiona Hall's artwork

3D sculptures, a very 21st Century touch to the Anzac Memorial

Rare military history unveiled

Australia's first general

Salient exhibition

Rehabilitation through sport - Anzac Memorial's historic links to modern Invictus Games

The Anzac Memorial's Learning Program


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Timelapse footage

From sod turning to completion 

A 3-minute video capturing construction progress from 2016-2018 is available on the Anzac Memorial's YouTube channel 




Architectural render of the Anzac Memorial and the Cascade which visitors can travel through to enter the Centenary Extension - courtesy Johnson Pilton Walker

On this day

On this day
24 June

1927 — Opening of the MENIN GATE Memorial at YPRES, Belgium. This Memorial records the names of over 56,000 Allied soldiers, including 6176 Australians, missing in the battles around YPRES in World War 1

1940 — The British Government requested Australian support in the provision of military assets to assist in the garrisoning Malaya

1942 — Rommel’s Afrika Corps attacked Egypt, forcing the Allied troops back to El ALAMEIN

1942 — Maroubra Force was formed from the 300 strong Papuan Infantry Battalion and the 39th Battalion, an Australian militia unit. Its job was to defend Port Moresby