The Trustees and the Anzac Memorial Act 1923

The Anzac Memorial is overseen by a Board of Trustees responsible for the management, maintenance and preservation of the Memorial as NSW's principal war memorial. Its significance is reflected in the unique composition of its board with the positions of Premier and Leader of the Opposition, Lord Mayor of Sydney, State President of the RSL (NSW Branch), the Government Architect, State Librarian and Secretary of the Department of Education, Australian Defence Force, veterans and community representatives all legislated Trustees with the Anzac Memorial Act 1923.

On this day

On this day
24 May

1915 — A six hour cease-fire was arranged at GALLIPOLI to enable both sides to recover their dead and wounded

1966 — PTE E. NOACK was killed in Vietnam and became the first National Serviceman to die in the Vietnam War

1968 — Fire Support Base (FSB) BALMORAL was attacked by two battalions of North Vietnamese troops. 3 RAR troops, assisted by Centurion tanks, fought off the attack

1969 — WO Class 2 K. PAYNE, a veteran of Korean and Malayan campaigns, won a Victoria Cross for his courage in covering the withdrawal of troops and then returning to locate and recover casualties, while part of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam